Born in Havana, Cuba (1952). My father was a photographer, and most of my uncles and ants work in the business. My favorite ant lived in a building that was divided, one halve were the living quarters the other halve house the labs for one of the most popular studios in Havana, Kareno Photo Studio.

I grew up no stranger to dark rooms, the smell of developer, the sound of the shutter or the pop of a flash bulb. Because the studio was located in the same building as the number one TV studio in Havana (CMQ), among their clients where lots of music, TV & movie stars, as well as lots of foreign tourists. I loved as a young boy helping out at the sorting table or the drying equipment, that give me opportunity see a tremendous amount of photographs shot by all levels of expertise , from amateur to the top professionals of the times.

After migrating to the US, I pursued a career in electronics and later as a computer & Communications consultant, but always kept a close touch with photography as I help my family with technical aspects of their colorlab and Event Photography Busines in Los Angeles, California.

Weddings, Social Events, Birthdays, Graduations ... the list is long. Black & White film, Slides three -D, Slides and even View master, I have done it all. But now technology has merged computers & photography to give us the chance of total creativity, allowing us to give you a sunset on a rainy day, or removing a nasty sing from the background of the perfect kiss.

Now, with my youngest daughter seriusly competing in Taekwondo, I have discovered a new avenue of expression. KIDS SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY, and dough I still love shooting land escapes & wild life, KIDS ARE IT !